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Paul West

I started business as a plumber and served an apprenticeship before moving on to change profession and pick up a trowel and spend 10 years plastering and rendering.

Over this time I built up a strong relationship with other tradesmen in the local area and felt I could add good value to the building industry having completed a couple of personal renovation projects.

Since 2002 the business has evolved into a full service building and maintenance company providing any service you can think of relating to the building industry. Being a local tradesman, born and having grown up in Somerset, my reputation and client satisfaction is extremely important. Most of my business is generated from word of mouth from existing customers and is a testament to the quality of work that I provide to my customers.

All staff employed or sub contractors used have been known by me for years to ensure the highest quality workmanship is provided. Examples of work and jobs I have conducted are on the site, however for individual requirements, please contact me.


Tony heads up the building team, he is 'the' key member of our team. No matter what we are employed to build from a simple lean to extension to a double storey extension built up through the middle of a bungalow Tony never gets anything wrong.

His knowledge of brick and block work is incredible. Get it level and square at the begining and the rest is easy. Another time served tradesman Tony has been in the business 30 years and has been full time with us for the last 10. I assure he's going nowhere and will be building your new project soon. Maybe you need a wall taken down to make your lounge bigger! Tony and the lads will be there.


Our carpentry work is done by Kelvin. Alias 'Pricey' A time served tradesman who has been in the job now for 28 years.He is like a machine , gets to work nice and early grafts like a machine all day everyday then still manages to cycle 50 miles a night! From a traditional cut roof , hanging oak doors, or even bespoke wardrobes for any carpentry work Pricey is your man .Hes a master of kitchens as you can see by the gallery photos. A great asset to the team.


Our plumbing and heating works are carried out by Ian, alias 'jacko'. Ian is also a time served tradesman and has been in the job 35 years. I use to be his apprentice many years ago. Ian's quality of work is legendary with the bigger developers in Taunton and we are very fortunate to have his full time services.

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